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Products & Services

The experienced practitioners at Rochester Orthopedic Labs, Inc. evaluate, fabricate and fit custom prostheses and orthoses for all levels of prosthetic and orthotic management. This requires individual evaluations to meet the specific needs of our pediatric, adult, and geriatric populations. Our prosthetists and orthotists work with the patient, the referring physicians, physical and occupational therapists and the families to help each individual return to a functional and fulfilling lifestyle.

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We have included a partial list of our prosthetic and orthotic services. Please note that it would be impossible to list every type of prosthesis or orthosis that we provide on our web site; therefore, the list shows our most-asked-for services.

  • No charge for evaluations

  • Out of office visits to Rehab Facilities, Nursing Homes, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Schools, and Hospitals

  • In-services for staff and family

  • 24/7 on call Practitioner

If there is a particular service that is not shown, please do not hesitate to call and ask if we can provide it.

Products and Services:

Orthotic Services
      Lower Extremity
            Custom molded shoes
            Knee Braces (functional and OA)
            Arch Supports
            Extra depth shoes
            CAM walkers
            Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs)
            Arizona Style Orthoses
            Carbon AFOs (Matrix, Ypsilon, ToeOFF, WalkOn, Dynamic Walk)
            Night Splints
            Tone reducing orthoses (Cascade)
            Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFOs)
            Stance Control KAFOs
            Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (HKAFOs)
            Reciprocating Gait Orthoses (RGOs)
            Hip Abduction Orthoses
            Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) system (Ness L300 by Bioness)
            Lumbo-Sacral Orthoses (LSOs)
            Hyperextension orthoses
            Thoraco-Lumbar-Sacral Orthoses (TLSOs)
            Scoliosis TLSOs
            Providence Scoliosis TLSOs
            Milwaukee orthoses
            Cervical orthoses
            Cervical-Thoraco-Lumbar-Sacral Orthoses (CTLSOs)
      Upper Extremity
            Wrist, Hand and Elbow Orthoses
            Shoulder Abduction Orthoses
            BENIK Neoprene splints
            Sarmiento Style Humeral Fracture Orthoses
            SAWA Orthoses
Prosthetic Services
      Lower Extremity
            Endoskeletal Systems
            Exoskeletal Systems
            Preparatory Prostheses
            Definitive Prostheses
            Supracondylar Suspension
            Pin Suspension
            Silicone Suction Suspension
            Suction Sockets
            Vacuum assisted sockets (Harmony, eVAC, Harmony e-pulse, LimbLogic)
            Microprocessor Controlled Knees (Genium, C-Leg/Compact, Plie Knee, Rheo Knee)
            Hip Disarticulation Prostheses
            Partial Foot Prostheses
            Swim/Water Prostheses
            Cosmetic/Silicone restorations
      Upper Extremity
            Conventional/Body Powered Prostheses
            Myoelectric Prostheses
            Passive Prostheses
            Cosmetic Restorations

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